Friday, May 15, 2015

The 1st annual 4th Grade MMU Invitational Track Meet will be next Friday, May 22nd. Scholars have been training hard for the meet. Keep up the good work! #RESVT

Softball Throw- Amanda + teachers from group #1
Each student will get 3 throws.  There will be a measuring wheel to measure their best score. Record their furthest throw. Students can have a running start or throw from a standing position but must remain behind orange fault line when throwing.  

Running Long Jump- Kelly + teachers from group #3
Each student gets 3 jumps.  Record their longest jump.  Have kids run down runway and jump behind fault line at beginning of sand.  If they step in the sand it's a fault and jump doesn't count.  Use your best judgment on this.

Standing Long Jump- Teachers from group #5
From a standing position and behind the fault line students will get 3 jumps to record their longest jump.  

High Jump- Glenn and teachers from group #2
The height of the bar will begin at 2 feet 8in. Refer to your event sheet to see what height the next round will be.  Every student gets 3 fails.  Begin by giving everyone a practice jump.  After that each child will attempt to jump 2ft 8in if they make it over without knocking poll off then they move on to the next height. Students should approach the pit by running in a C shape and finishing by jumping on their back. If they knock the poll off they get two more attempts. Once they have 3 fails then whatever height they finished on will be their personal best. Normally in track you get three fails per height but in order to save time, we will do 3 fails total.

Running Events- Brian and teachers from group #4 and #6
50m, 100m, 200m, and 400m.  There will be 5 students running per heat.  Once they finish their race, they will go to the ribbon booth and get their ribbons.  Their will be a pistol which will signal the start of each race.  There will be individual timers assigned to each lane to record times.

Relay Events- Brian, Kelly, Glenn, and Amanda
There will be flags posted at the 100m, 200m, and 300m marks.  Each of us will be at a flag and one at the starting position.  Girls will run first.  Whoever is listed first on the sheet will start the race and whoever is listed 2nd will go to the 100m mark and so on.  Have kids waiting in their lanes  for their turn.  We will talk about hand-offs prior to race but students are looking to have their hand behind them reaching for button.   

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