Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kindergartners will begin a biking unit on May 18th. If you have a bike we could borrow or would like to volunteer contact Mr. G #RESVT

Dear Kindergarten Parents/Guardians,

This spring, kindergartners will be doing a biking unit during P.E. class.  The unit will run from May 18th until June 5th.  We will be using the drop off loop and surrounding areas for this unit.  Our goal is to teach bike safety along with biking skills to help scholars become independent riders.

I need your help in order to make biking possibile this spring.  I’m looking to borrow 8-12 bikes of various sizes in a combination of glider bikes, bikes with training wheels, and regular two wheelers.  Scholars may also bring in their bikes for the day and park them outside by the bike rack near the entrance to the playground.  Helmets will be provided; however your child is welcome to bring in their own helmet and store it in their classroom.

I’m also looking for volunteers to help me run stations.  Teaching a class of 16-18 scholars to ride a bike by myself is a daunting task.  No experience required!  If you have some free time in your schedule and are able to volunteer, please email me at the address below. Kindergarten gym times are 11:30 - 12:10 on the following days:

Agner - Monday, Thursday
Gilbar - Friday (and Tuesday 1:30 - 2:10)
Mumford - Tuesday, Wednesday

Brian Godfrey
P.E. teacher


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