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Dear RES Students, Staff, and Community Members,
My name is Brian Godfrey, and it’s with great excitement that I will be the new physical education teacher at Richmond Elementary School next year.  I currently live in Waterbury with my wife Makenzie and son Liam.  I grew up in Richmond and attended RES as a child.  After graduating from MMU, I attended Johnson State College, where I graduated with a degree in Physical Education (K-12).  I completed my graduate coursework at UVM in Educational Leadership, where I focused my research on proactive strategies to preventing childhood obesity.
When I was in grade school, I played a variety of sports including, soccer, basketball, hockey, and baseball.  As I got older, my primary interest was basketball and was fortunate enough to play in both high school and college.  My passion for basketball continued after my graduation from JSC.  I’ve coached middle school and high school girls basketball for the past eight years.  In addition to my love of basketball, I also enjoy personal fitness activities such as weight training, hiking, and running.  Recently, I’ve ventured outside of my comfort zone and stared competing in triathlons.  I’m not very good, but it’s fun to try something new.
My philosophy is to provide all children an opportunity to be successful in a wide range of movement, knowledge, and skill-building experiences.  I’ve always enjoyed being active, and I attribute this to all the great memories I had as a child playing sports, hiking, swimming, etc.  It’s of my belief that if children have initial positive experiences being active, that this will lead to a lifelong enjoyment of movement.  My goal is to provide all the students in Richmond positive experiences in P.E class and to promote a healthy lifestyle in and out of school.
I look forward to meeting all of you.  You can contact me at via email at  or feel free to call me or stop by and say hi once school begins.


Brian Godfrey

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  1. Hi Brian,
    My name is Mike Cohen and I am a PE teacher in Bethel CT. I teach k-3 and I really like your website. I am also involved with . They have cutting edge technology which I think you might want to check out. Also, the National Active Championship is a specific program they are initiating. If you like students to be active at home and the use of technology you will like this program. Any questions just let me know .