Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Choose a Goal and try the 30 Day Healthy Kids Challenge #RESVT #VTED

Dear Parents & Guardians,

In P.E. this month we are talking about setting goals.  Throughout our lifetimes we are constantly setting goals to Achieve something meaningful or to better ourselves in some way.  It’s important to develop these skills at a young age to set goals and motivate ourselves to turn these goals into reality.  

Mr. G’s goal is for all of his students grow up to be healthy and active adults!  The purpose of the 30 Day Healthy Kids Challenge is for your children to identify a Relevant activity goal to them.  Why 30 days?  Because making a goal Time-Bound or linked to a time frame helps to give a clear beginning and end of the goal setting process.  After identifying a goal, the next step is to develop a plan (how often, when, how long, etc.) Finally, an exercise routine will be created which can be the same or vary each day.  In order to make this project as easy to organize as possible, I’ve broken options for these goals into 4 categories: Strength, Flexibility, Speed, and Stamina.  

Ultimately, your children might have a goal of being better gymnasts or soccer players.  However, I would like them to focus on a smaller, more Specific goal of improving something in one of the 4 categories listed above.  I’ve attached a goal setting document, weekly check-in sheet, and activity log.  Please help your children fill out these documents.  

During class, we have talked about what our goals might be and how to come up with a plan.  Your children might need a little help developing their routines.  Keep it simple!!!  I will be posting sample routines from students on my blog and am happy to answer any questions you might have.  

I’ve emphasized to students to keep their goals realistic.  5-10 minutes, 2-3 days a week working on their goals is perfectly fine.  Squeezing in a 5 minute stretching routine before practice might be ideal for some while others might want to do push-ups before they go to bed.  Some kids might want to work on stamina and go for a 10 minute walk/jog after school with a family member.  

Please return the Goal Setting Document to school by next week. (Wednesday, March 23rd)  The exercise log can stay at home.  During P.E., we will be Measuring our progress through our weekly check-in sheet on the back of our goal setting document. 

Below are some documents to help you with your 30 Day Healthy Kids Challenge

         Goal Setting Document

           Weekly Check-In Sheet

                Activity Log

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