Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mr. G needs your HELP #RESVT #CESUVT

I hope that everyone out there in the RES community is doing fantastic!!!  Winter is fast approaching and snow is going to be upon us before we know it.  I have a few projects that I badly need some help with.

Mr. G's Gymboree will be Friday December 12th. I need a couple of parents to help make some tweaks to last years program and help me get some parent volunteers to help run stations.  We raised $2,000 last year, which went to pilot our Snow Motion Program.  This year I would like to raise money to purchase new gymnastics equipment.

Burton Snowboards donated nearly $20,000 worth of equipment.  I need help putting bindings on boards, numbering boots and helmets, and organizing all of the equipment for the winter.  If I could get a few parents to volunteer their services, I would greatly appreciate it.  I'll solidify a date once I hear from a few parents but would like to do it next week if possible.  No experience needed, but it's a too big of a project to take on by myself.  

Snow Motion Program at Cochran's, will beginning Friday January 9th The program is ready to expand to 3rd and 4th grade this year.  4th grade will begin on January 9th and 3rd grade will begin on January 16th.  The two classes will alternate Friday's throughout the winter.  The program will run from 11:30-2:00 during the school day.  I need a couple parents to help me lead the program.  Biggest thing left to do is make sure we have enough parents to help out each day.  You don't need to know how to ski to help out.  It's essential to have low student to adult ratios to ensure the safety and quality of the program.

1st grade and 2nd grade will also both be going to the Mt.  To keep things manageable 1st & 2nd grade will only be going skiing/boarding once this winter.  I wanted to pilot the program with the younger grades this winter.  Kindergarten will be learning to snowboard outside at RES.

PLEASE PLEASE Consider donating a few hours of your time to help promote physical activity to our RES scholars.  I'm happy to do most of the work, but need some help to get things going. Email me if you're interested

Mr. G

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