Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Learning to Play Speedball #RESVT

The past several weeks we have been working on developing our skills for the game of speedball. What is speedball you ask?  It's a cooperative game that infuses soccer, basketball, and football. There are three ways to score.  One point for a soccer goal, two points for a basket, and two points for a touchdown.  The thing about speedball is that you can't pick up the ball directly off the ground. It must hit the ground or another body part first.  For example, you can flick the ball up in the air with your foot.  When the ball is on the ground, it's played like soccer.  When the ball is in your hands, then it's played like basketball without the dribbling. I really enjoyed playing this game when I was a kid and hope the scholars at RES did also.

Mr. G

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