Sunday, March 23, 2014

EQ of The Week

This weeks Purple Paw Award goes to a pair of girls from Mrs. Purvee's class for their song and dance about how healthy snacks.  Dairy and fruits are excellent choices for snacks. Combined they give you protein, vitamins, and minerals which will make you healthy and strong. 

Essential Questions of the week March, 24 2014

1. Does your body need sugar, if so what does your body do with sugar? 

Yes your body needs sugar but not the kind of sugar your thinking about.  Sugar is your body's main source of energy.  When you eat sugar your body converts it into energy.  All the sugar that isn't used as energy is converted into fat.

2. Are there different types of sugars?

There are four types of sugars that are normally eaten:
  • Glucose: It occurs naturally in plants and fruits.  The best kinds of glucose is found in whole grains and give you long lasting energy. 
  • Fructose!  This is fruit sugar, occurring naturally in…you guessed it, fruit!  It also occurs naturally in cane sugar and honey, and is incredibly sweet.
  • Sucrose.  This sugar is found in the stems of sugar cane, the roots of sugar beet, and can be found naturally alongside glucose in certain fruits and other plants. This is commonly thought of as table sugar.
  • Lactose. Is found in milk and is essentially milk sugar.

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