Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey Mr. G

We have another installment of "Hey Mr. G"!!!  The questions are getting harder.  A few scholars stumped me with some very challenging questions.  Good work, and keep the questions coming.

1.  Question: Where are the next Summer Olympics located?
     Answer:  The 2016 Summer Olympics will be in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

2.  Question: What is the capital of Peru?
     Answer: My brother lives in Peru, and the capital is Lima.

3.   Question:  How many bones in the human body?
       Answer:  There are 206 bones in the human body?

4.   Question: How many fingers are there in Mrs. Darling's 2nd grade classroom?
      Answer: 2nd graders are very sneaky.  They tricked me on this one.  There are 20 scholars in Mrs Darlings class with a total of 200 fingers.  10 pushups for Mr. G

5.   Question: Who invented the light bulb?
      Answer:  That would be Thomas Edison.

6.   Question: What coin would the smallest American frog fit on?
      Answer:  Very tricky!! The answer is a dime.  More pushups for Mr. G

7.   Question: What is the deepest river in the world?
      Answer: I only know a few rivers names.  Got lucky on this one.  The Congo is the deepest river.

8.   Question: Why do bees hum
      Answer:   I had heard this joke before.  Bees hum because they have nothing to say LOL

9.   Question:  How many games has the 4th grade boys basketball team won?
      Answer: Total guess on this one, but got lucky again.  The answer is 4 games.

10.  Question: How tall is Little G?
        Answer: 36 inches

11.   Question:  How fast does a zamboni machine go?
        Answer: No idea.  Good question, and I learned that a zamboni machine goes up to 9 MPH

12.   Question:  How much does a basketball weight?
        Answer: 7-9 lbs psi, it helped that the answer was on the basketball I was holding.

13.   Question: What makes your bones move?
        Answer:  Bones are connected by ligaments and tendons.  Muscles are attached to bones and impulses from your brain send a signal to your muscles to move any a particular body part.

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