Monday, January 13, 2014

Hey Mr. G

This is our first installment of "Hey Mr. G".  This is a chance for scholars to challenge Mr. G with some challenging trivia questions.  I have until the end of the day to respond and will do 10 burpees if I'm not able to answer the question.   Scholars are free to choose any subject.  I'll do my best to post scholars questions every Monday.

1.  Question: What is the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean?
     Answer:  That would be the Mariana Trench.  I actually remembered that one :)

2.  Question: What is the healthiest food?
     Answer: That would be Kale.

3.   Question:  What is green and looks like a tree?
       Answer:  You almost got me on this one, but that would be brocolli

4.   Question: What is the Boston Celtics record?
      Answer: Not good, I believe as of today they are 13-25

5.   Question: What is the best exercise?
      Answer:  This is a trick question LOL  But I would say the Burpee is the best exercise.  Burns calories,   builds muscle, and builds endurance.

6.   Question: What is the healthiest fruit?
      Answer:  Based the Andi scale, that would be a strawberry, but there all great.

7.   Question: Who was the 10th president?
      Answer:  I'll admit I cheated on this one.  The 10 president is John Tyler.  Who knew!!!

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