Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Having Fun at Mr. G's Gymboree

Wow what a turnout on Friday night for Mr. G's Gymboree!!!  There were over 150 kids in attendance and we were able to raise $1,850.  Yeah!!!  This means that the 4th graders will be piloting the RES Snow Motion Program at Cochran's beginning this winter.  I was so impressed with how the RES community came together to make this event happen.  I appreciate all of your efforts and look forward to doing it again next year.   

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make this even possible

Darcie Rankin
Otie Filkorn
Sarah Lane
Paul Lane
Erick Filkorn
Bill Aikman
Velma Plouffe
Rebecca  Garavan
Sam Barr
Susan Whitman
Jed Rankin
Ernie Buford  
Robin Pesci
Natalie Villeneuve
Lauren Esserman 
Rick Greenough
Susan Parent 
Kathryn Wysockey-Johnson
Joanna May
Toby Beane
Zory Smith-Miodownik 
Ava Brownsword
Hannah Lister
Chance Lister
Grace Garavan
Isabelle Wysockey-Johnson
Ethan Moultroup
Luc Smith-Miodownik   

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