Sunday, December 15, 2013

EQ of The Week

This week's Purple Paw Awards goes to a couple of girls in Mrs. Robinson's class for their research on fruits.  The second Purple Paw Award goes to two girls in Mrs. Darling's class for their artwork about their favorite fruits.  This is Mrs. Robinson's class 5th Purple Paw Award. Wow!!!  I'm amazed by the work that I'm receiving from scholars.  Keep it up 

Essential Questions of the week December 16th, 2013

1. Where are most of the nutrients found in fruits? 

A lot nutrients can be found in the skin of fruits.  There are still lots of vitamins and nutrients on the inside of fruits but try eating an apple with the peal next time.

2. What are some ways to make fruits into a healthy snack or dessert?

Eating fruits for a snack or for dessert is a great way to eat something that taste sweet but is still healthy and nutritious.  Below is a link to a few examples of some creative and tasty ways to add fruits to your after school snack or for dessert. 

Fresh Fruit Snacks

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