Friday, November 6, 2015

Working on floor hockey and the forehand shot in PE. Learn more about floor hockey assessment and teaching cues!! #RESVT #VTED #CESUVT

This week in P.E. Mr. H is beginning his solo teaching.  Scholars will being learning about floor hockey and other types of striking skills.  The primary skill that we will be assessing will be the forehand shot/pass.  Mr. H will also be teaching dribbling, sportsmanship, safety concepts, and the basic rules of hockey.  Check out the breakdown of the forehand shot/pass below and the rubric that he will be using to assess students skills.

Grip- Should be wide with hands at least a foot apart.  This will allow for the best control of the stick and also help keep the swing below the waist for maximum safety.

Stance- Student should be standing Sideways to the target.  Feet shoulder width apart in an athletic stance.

Backswing-  Helps provide power to the shot/pass but should be no higher than waist level.

Follow Through- After striking the puck, the stick should go no higher than waist level.  Also the stick should be pointed at the target to help with accuracy.

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  1. Nice work, Mr. H! Great job RES kindergarteners! Mr. G's friend and colleague, Betsey Caldwell