Thursday, October 8, 2015

This week we are working on our Underhand Throwing mechanics in P.E. I've found that using simple teaching cues such as Tic/Toc help scholars develop the skill to muscle memory #RESVT

This week we are working on the underhand throw.  When teaching this skill I tell the kids that to imagine that they are a clock .  Begin in a balanced and ready position, holding the ball with their dominant hand. 

Once they are balanced, begin by moving the throwing arm backwards.  This is called the "Tic" position.

In order to keep balance throughout the throw, "Step" forward with the opposite foot from the throwing arm.  (For kids in 1st-4th, I add the step as a cue but skip it for PK and K)

After the Step, the thrower will go into the "Toc" position which is their follow through.   Sometimes kids have no idea what is meant by a follow through.  It's good to add this term during lessons and to let them know that it helps improve their accuracy

I have my students begin by throwing bean bags and then progress to different types of balls.  The key to success is to emphasize control!!!

Mr. G

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