Thursday, October 1, 2015

If you would like to learn about the value of self assessment and technology in P.E., check out how scholars are using ipads to improve at tennis #RESVT #EDUVT #USTA

This week scholars are self assessing their forehand swings in tennis.  We have talked about having a sideways setup, the contact point should be out in front by their front foot, and they should follow through over their shoulder. Here is a link to the Tennis Self Assessment Rubric that they used.  This scholar volunteered to share her feedback.

After watching her video, she was able to notice that on one of her swings, she forgot to follow through over her shoulder.  The other parts of her swing look good.  I was impressed that she was able to point out such a subtle detail about her swing.

This scholar recorded several forehand swings before watching her video.  Notice the improvements in her swing.  It looks very smooth and she executes every part of the swing correctly.  What a nice job!  

I find that using video is an excellent way to help scholars get a deeper understanding of a variety of foundational movements.  

Keep up the good work!

Mr. G 

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