Friday, March 27, 2015

Even on a damp and cold dreary Friday, kids have a way of making you smile #RESVT

So I came into school this morning and I was a  little tired and feeling kind of worn out.  I've been out most of the week watching my own children while daycare has been closed.  Those two turkeys wore me out.  Who would have thought that a three year old and a one year old would be so much work. My house is a disaster area and Mr. G is waving the white flag.  I know how important it is for adults to have positive energy and come into school with a smile but this day I wasn't sure if it was going to happen for Mr. G.  To my surprise as I opened the door to my office, I noticed a sheet of paper on the floor.  I picked it up and there was a cool photo of fruits and vegetables from a 2nd grade scholar. All of my thoughts of being tired were now behind me.  Mr. G was having lots of green thoughts ;)  

Here is to another wonderful day at RES.  Thank you to everyone who make Richmond Elementary School such a great place!

Have a nice weekend

Mr. G

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