Friday, February 6, 2015

RES Scholars learn to make their own JAM exercise routines in PE #RESVT #CESUVT #EDUVT

So what is a JAM routine you ask?  JAM stands for Just A Minute.  Scholars in 3rd and 4th grade have been creating their very own exercise routines in PE this marking period.  Scholars work in small groups and the only guidelines that were given was that routines must be able to be performed in the classroom or in the gym, no equipment can be used, and the exercises must be appropriate for a kindergartener.   My goal is to create a library of JAM video's that can be accessed on my blog for classroom or home use. I'm really excited about all the hard work that scholars put into this project.

Nicely done!

Mr. G

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  1. Hey dear!! Your Just a minute workout videos are awesome!! These videos are a great source of exercise for kids. I will definitely use these videos for my daughter’s workout session. Thanks for sharing these useful videos here!!