Monday, October 20, 2014

Tennis Self Assessments in P.E. #RESVT

Things have been pretty busy around the Godfrey household these days.  My daughter just turned 8 months and is mobile now.  Seems like there are not enough hours in the day sometimes.  This week we are finishing up our tennis unit.  Scholars in 3rd & 4th grade are doing self assessments this week. The goal is to give scholars a deeper understanding of a skill and to be able to critique their performance.

First part of the assessment is to have a peer video tape you performing the forehand stroke.  Prior to the assessment, we talked about the four areas to take a closer look at (set up, contact point, open face of the racket, and lastly the followthrough.

I find that watching yourself on tape allows a different perspective for scholars.  From my experience playing sports or working out at the gym, sometimes seeing myself can really help me fix any mechanical flaws.  After watching their video, scholars are given a rubric to help breakdown the different aspects of the forehand stroke.  Scholars watch their video and score themselves.  After they are finished, the next step is to give Mr. G some feedback about how they think they did.  The more detailed analysis the better.

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