Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fuel Up To Play 60 #resvt #cesuvt

Richmond Elementary School was awarded a grant from Fuel up to play 60.  Thank you to Karyl Kent and Amy Gifford for their hard work and time spent filling out the application.  Fuel up to play 60 is a grant sponsored by the NFL to promote physical activity and healthy eating for school aged children.  Scholars are RES during P.E. this week signed a Pledge.  

I will energize my body and mind by eating healthy.
I will be active for at least 60 minutes each day.
I will eat healthy, be active and have fun with my friends to help make my school a better place. 

Nearly every scholar at RES signed the pledge.  We will be checking in during P.E. to see how the pledge to be active and eat healthy is going.  This grant will be used for equipment to make delicious healthy smoothies for breakfast! We will kick it off with a smoothie recipe challenge and classroom taste testing. Stay tuned for more news about Tuesday Smoothsdays! 

Nice work scholars and Mrs. Kent/Mrs. Gifford!!!

Mr. G

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