Friday, January 17, 2014

RES Snow Motion at Cochran's

What an amazing day to begin our ski/snowboard program.  It was incredible for me to watch our 4th grade scholars enjoy this learning experience together.  Nearly half of our scholars had never been skiing (including myself), while others were well seasoned and blew me away with their abilities. Everywhere you looked kids were having fun, smiling, and enjoying being active together.  I was a little nervous when I first stepped onto the mountain as it looked a little bigger than I remembered.  After a quick tutorial on how to stop from Amy Gifford, I was ready to give the Mighty-Might a try.  During the inaugural RES Snow Motion Program at Cochran's, I consider the kids to be my peers as we were all on same journey together..... to make it down the mountain without out falling down, running over someone, or doing a face plant in the snow.  The funny thing was with each successful run the scholars confidence grew.  Next thing I knew they were inching their way further up the mountain for a more daring challenge.

In the corner of my eye, I could see other more advanced scholars making their way up the T-Bar and gliding down the mountain.  After a few runs on the T-Bar, scholars made their way back to the Mighty-Might to cheer on their classmates.  The entire day was a blast, and I can't wait until January 31st for our next ski/snowboard day!!!!

Thank you so much to Barbara Ann Cochran for making this program possible.  Richmond is lucky to have such a special person who is willing to give so  much back to the kids of Richmond. Also a huge thank you to Otie Filkorn, Sara Lane, Amy Gifford, Holly Scudder-Chase, Julie Waite, Laura Farrell, Michelle Kessler, Cath Burns, Kathryn Whysocky-Johnson, Velma Plouffe, Mike Berry, Diane Kane, Portia Senning, Maribeth Berliner, Angela Hamlin, Sue Phelps, Kayne Hartley, Lauren Esserman, Tyler Berliner, and a huge shoutout to Shem Roose who came last minute and did an amazing job teaching one of our scholars how to snowboard.

Have a nice weekend!!!

Mr. G

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