Sunday, December 8, 2013

EQ of The Week

This week's Purple Paw Awards goes to a group of scholars in Mrs. Ayer's class for a couple of different projects related to fruits. One was a very cool fruits & veggie song and the other was for some detailed research on watermelon.  Keep up the great work.

Essential Questions of the week December 9th, 2013

1. What's the difference between a fruit & vegetable? 

According to botanists (those who study plants) a fruit is the part of the plant that develops from a flower. It's also the section of the plant that contains the seeds. The other parts of plants are considered vegetables. These include the stems, leaves and roots — and even the flower bud.

The following are all technically fruits: avocado, beans, peapods, corn kernels, cucumbers, grains, nuts, olives peppers, pumpkin, squash, sunflower seeds and tomatoes.  

(Side not in 1983 the Supreme Court ruled that a tomato is a vegetable because we eat with dinner and not for dessert.  This decision was made to clarify tax laws.) 

2. Can an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

This saying goes back nearly 150 years.  Apples are full of many great vitamins and minerals,
 most of which are found in the skin.

  1. Apples are full of fiber that lower blood pressure and help digest foods
  2. Apples support strong bones and a healthy brain
  3. Apples help reduce the risk of cancer 
  4. Apples contain Vitamin C which boost your immune system
  5. Apples help your body fight heart disease, diabetes, and asthma.
  6. Apples act like a tooth brush, killing bacteria and reducing tooth decay. 
As you can see apples have many amazing healthy benefits if eaten 3-5 days a week.  The saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" pertains to apples because 150 years ago apples were one of the easiest fruits to grow and could be stored for up to 200 days.

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