Sunday, October 27, 2013

EQ of the Week

This week's Purple Paw Awards goes to a trio of scholars from Mrs. Senning's class for their song about fiber. The 2nd Purple Paw Award goes to a scholar from Mrs. Erickson's class and a scholar from Mrs. Ayer's class for their outstanding work on carbohydrates.  Nicely done scholars and thanks teachers for promoting EQ's in your morning meetings.

Essential Questions of the week October 27th, 2013

1. What are some different types of proteins? 

Chicken, beef, fish, turkey, beans, nuts, tofu, eggs, cheese, milk are just a small list of proteins.

2. What do proteins do for your body?

Proteins is a "Grow food", it helps build and repair body tissues like skin and muscles.  Proteins strengthens your immune system so you can fight disease and heal cuts. 

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