Monday, September 9, 2013

Nutrition Essential Questions/ EQ

This is the first Essential Questions/EQ post of the school year.  I'll post each week's questions at the beginning of each week and email teachers a copy of the questions.  Scholars will be asked the EQ during P.E class.  Homeroom teachers will follow up with same questions during morning meeting time.  This will allow scholars to have more opportunities to discuss and share their ideas.  A final follow-up opportunity will be given in next P.E class.

A Purple Paw award will be given out twice a week to scholar/scholars who have outstanding answers.  The Purple Paw recipient will get a certificate to take home and for their class.  The Purple Paw winner and their classmates will receive and extra student chosen P.E time with Mr. G during the week.

Essential Questions of the week September 9th 2013

1.   Why should we eat healthy?

2.   What does a healthy snack look like?

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